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I create cornerstone content for B2b Companies

Cornerstone content = SEO-friendly content × Crafted for conversions


About me

Hey there!

I’m a B2B Content Consultant.

I help B2B companies create cornerstone content that ranks well and brings in quality organic leads. Simply put, cornerstone content is the most important content on your website. Yoast states, "Cornerstone content pieces are those articles on your website you’re most proud of. They reflect your business, communicate your mission and are extremely well written."

Cornerstone content plays a significant role in any SEO strategy. It can be rather hard to rank for search terms that are very popular. A cornerstone approach could help you tackle those competitive search terms.
— Yoast

In fact, if you applied the Pareto principle to content marketing, you could say that cornerstone content is that 20% content that gets 80% of all content marketing results.

I have 3+ years of SEO and digital marketing experience that I use to create killer cornerstone content for my clients.

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

Can you benefit from my services?

Should you hire me? It depends.

  • If you're adding a brand new blog to your business website, then yes, you should contact me.
  • If you blog actively and just aren’t getting the results you want, then yes, you should contact me.
  • If you’re struggling to explain why your content isn't translating to more leads and sales, then yes, you should contact me.
  • If your content doesn't move your business blog even one position higher in the search engine rankings, then yes, you should contact me.
  • If you’ don't even rank for your brand keywords or if very few people search for your business name (which means that your business has low brand awareness), then yes, you should contact me.


Here are some of my writing samples. I'm happy to share more over email!

email marketing.png

Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate With These 14 Simple Tweaks

This Kissmetrics post summarizes many of the lessons I learned about email marketing from my full-time job. It brought in 400+ LinkedIn shares

15 Simple Social Media Marketing Tips for Absolute Beginners

This article lists some effective social media marketing tips (+ the exact steps anyone can follow to use them).

site structure.png

How to Build a Site Architecture That Boosts SEO (a Guide for New Websites)

This 3-step guide shows the reader how they can create a SEO-friendly site structure.





“Disha supported us in our transition from a formal technical blog to a more conversational and engaging one and by that helped us drive up our reading percentage and conversions. Not only that, but she proved her capability to learn a complicated technical subject (software coding), research new topics and find refreshing angles.”
— Maya Rotenberg (Director of Marketing, Whitesource)
Disha is thorough and consistent. She offers thoughtful insight with each and every project - from shorter blog posts, to lengthy training course creation. Overall, just a pleasure to work with!
— Kristen Dahlberg (Product Manager, Snaptactix)
Disha has helped us develop and deliver quality content marketing through our blog and email newsletter. She has an acute understanding of our needs and what will engage with our audience, producing great content with a personal touch. I would have no hesitation recommending Disha to companies looking for results from their email and content marketing.
— Richard Long (Co-founder, HeroThemes)


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