10 Email Templates Every Web Developer Needs to Keep Handy

This post from WPMU DEV gives 10 email templates a freelance developer can use to save multiple hours each week. It has emails for common scenarios like seeking referrals, onboarding clients, following up with potential clients, declining projects among others.


Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate With These 14 Simple Tweaks

This Kissmetrics post summarizes many of the lessons I learned about email marketing from my full-time job. It brought in 400+ LinkedIn shares.

email personalization.png

How Publishers Can Use Email Personalization to Reduce List Churn

This long-read is from the Digioh blog. Some of the world’s top publications use Digioh to build their email lists. In this post, I’ve explained how email personalization works for digital publishers. I’ve also included a full walk-through of how it’s implemented.

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A 14-point Checklist for a SEO-happy Website Launch

This checklist lists several tasks a new website must take to get indexed super-fast. It includes steps like submitting sitemaps, installing Google Analytics, providing enough original content and more. This post also gives detailed instructions for each step.


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Email Copy A/B Testing

This 9-point cheat sheet suggests several email copy A/B testing ideas. It discusses elements like preview text, headlines, images, formatting, length, etc.

How to Make an Automated Email “Feel” Personal (and Why You Should)

This 2-min read shows readers how they can use email personalization to improve their email campaign's performance. It discusses how personalization improves an email's open and click-through rates and also how it brings down unsubscribes.