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A Super Quick Guide to Writing Proposals for WordPress Projects

Flash proposals – we’ve all sent them. You know, when a potential client wants the next steps, more details, a quote, or maybe even a proposal … and you rush to crank out an email that – you think – is all they need to hire you.

Such emails work… sometimes. For example, they could land you small projects, but for the larger projects like website, theme, or plugin development, let’s face it, they are not enough. Because clients who are making big investments in larger projects expect to know more than just how you’ll price and deliver the project.

Here’s where proper, detailed proposals help. Detailed proposals help clients understand your offering better. In a way, clients look to evaluate your overall suitability for a project through your proposal.

In this guide, you'll learn how to write winning project proposals (even without a fancy, expensive proposals tool).

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