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A 14-point Checklist for a SEO-happy Website Launch

Starting a new website is your first step to succeeding online, but it’s really just the very FIRST step.

You can create and launch a website within hours, but what do you do after that?

Well, you just…


You wait for traffic.

You wait for leads.

And you wait for your life to change.

I’m not saying that you should aim for instantaneous success. Of course, you’ve to keep patience when launching a new website, but just how long can you wait before you finally pull the plug?

Now you’re probably wondering about the sites that pick up really fast, like within months of launching?

You know what’s common in all of them?


They get indexed fast. They don’t get penalized by search engines. And they provide a great user experience right from the go.

And I’ve put together this checklist for you so that you too can do all the above (and more) and get that smashing website launch you deserve.

For each point in the checklist, I have added a detailed how-to section showing exactly how you actually tick that item off the list.

(I don’t want it to be something you just bookmark, I want you to do it.)

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